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Flustered Mom Spills Baby's Bottle All Over Olive Garden, Brazen Server Can't Stay Out of It

Every mom knows what it's like to feel flustered and exhausted when out in public with a baby. It can be embarrassing and stressful--especially...

"How I know God is real: He opens our hearts"

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Cop Asked His Wife to Pray for a Murdered Toddler He Saw on the Job. But Then, the Couple Made a Bold, Drastic Move

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Doctors Talked About Their Sick Baby 'Passing Away Peacefully' Right After Birth. But What Happened Next Is Being Called 'Divine Intervention'


Dr. Michael Guillen shares how science and prayer go hand-in-hand

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After Mom of Twins Gets Into a Car Accident, a Man Took Her Baby for a Stunning Reason

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Woman Publicly Criticized Stranger For Being on the Phone During a Date, But She Didn't Expect His Earth-Shattering Response

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