Spread His light With Easy-to-Make Teacup Candles

Bringing the light of the Lord into our hearts and homes is easy with this lovely crafted candle. Use the double wicks during prayer as a point of...
1290 kind cop

Devastated By His Teen Sister's Death, He Thought Things Couldn't Get Worse When the Cops Pulled Him Over. Then, an Officer Had an Offer

1290 homeless hero

Homeless Man Looking for Bag to Bring to Job Interview Finds Bomb Instead, Saves Dozens

1290 autism friends

Dad Spots Strange Answer on Son's School Project, Makes Plea That's Gone Viral


"What gave me the strength to forgive the terrorist who shot my family"


"How I know God is real: He sends surprising messengers"

1290 prince william

Prince William Was Talking with Dignitaries When He Spotted Something So Distressing, He Ran to Help

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