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Rebekah Lyons Reveals How God Eased Her Heart and Strengthened Her Ability to Love

In the March issue of Simple Grace Rebekah Lyons opens up about her extreme bouts of anxiety and crippling panic attacks. Here, she shares the moment she realized the terrifying reality of her anxiety, ultimately leading her to give it all up to God:

Rebekah’s anxiety began to build up and leak its way back out in the form of panic attacks—the first of which happened while she was on an airplane. “My heart began beating so hard, I thought it would pop out of my chest—I felt trapped and I thought, I am going to die,” she explains. “I didn’t tell anyone about it because my husband and I worked in Christian ministry. I was afraid our congregation would see me as weak or feel that my faith was too small if I exposed my dark places.”

Determined to find healing, Rebekah began to research, soul search and dig deep, but nothing seemed to work. “Dreams, elevators, trains, crowds—they’d all trigger panic,” she explains. “I wasn’t being a good wife, a good mom or my real self. I finally saw that this problem was just too big for me to fix on my own.”

Find how Rebekah finally conquered her fear in the current issue of Simple Grace, available at Walmart and Barnes and Noble, and check out her new book You Are Free!

You Are Free

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