Simple Grace - Sitemap - 2015 - October - Page 1

Sitemap 2015 October - Page 1

  1. Daily blessing: Prayer warrior
  2. The Uplifting Reason This Man Saved Pennies for 40 Years Will Change Your Whole Perspective
  3. Kids on School Bus Wave Every Day to 'Grandma in the Window,' Then Do Something Incredible When She's Suddenly Not There
  4. This adorable picture explains the Gospel in the BEST way
  5. Daily blessing: God's abundance
  6. A Toddler Was Throwing a Tantrum in a Store's Toy Aisle Until an Angel Changed Everything
  7. A desert in Chile just blossomed into the most amazing sight!
  8. Singer Donna Allen shares the prayer that keeps her strong
  9. Daily blessing: Holy Spirit harmony
  10. A single dad just did something amazing to show his daughter how women should be treated
  11. Daily blessing: Give you wings
  12. Sean Astin on his latest movie, faith and talking about Jesus
  13. “I heard God speaking to me directly saying, ‘Do this film’”
  14. Daily blessing: Rest in the Lord
  15. This Couple Lived Off $15,000 for a Year for the Most Generous Reason
  16. Daily blessing: God's goodness
  17. Daily blessing: Bring you clarity
  18. Daily blessing: Problems into purpose
  19. "How I know God is real: The impossible becomes possible"
  20. Man who lost family sees them again in a dream
  21. This heavenly chorus uses their gifts to bless the sick
  22. Daily blessing: Renew your heart
  23. Owner Says Goodbye to Dog, Who Proves He's Still Watching Over Her in Unmistakable Way
  24. This 'UP' themed anniversary video will have you reaching for the tissues
  25. Daily blessing: Stay centered
  26. They told him to keep prayer off the field, but he chose to praise God anyway
  27. Daily blessing: Spread love
  28. When her wedding was cancelled, this bride's family did something amazing to serve their community
  29. At the moment he needed it most, this Jimmy Johns driver received the best tip of his life
  30. Daily blessing: Humble heart
  31. A drought brought something amazing out of these waters
  32. Daily blessing: Tension to tranquility
  33. Father James Martin shares his secret to dispelling doubt
  34. Daily blessing: Free from worry
  35. Daily blessing: Light of love
  36. Little Girl's Morning Pep Talk Is Equal Parts Hilarious and Encouraging
  37. Daily blessing: Higher purpose
  38. The World's Most Breathtaking Rainbow Is Missing Something Key
  39. When Silver Parachutes Started Dropping from the Sky, These Unsuspecting Shoppers Looked at Life in a New Way
  40. Joel Osteen shares how God transformed his darkest moment into his brightest hour
  41. Taya Kyle, widow of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, shares how she found beauty in the pain
  42. When Zoo Workers Spotted a Visitor with a Flat Tire, They Left the Most Surprising Note
  43. What This Little Boy Decides to Do During a Wedding Ceremony Will Crack You Up
  44. This Young Boy and Girl's Rendition of an Emotional Song Will Move You to Tears
  45. To Support the Hospice That Cared for Her Dad, This 10-Year-Old Did Something SO Courageous
  46. How One Conversation with a Hospital Janitor Led to a Miracle
  47. Daily blessing: Loveliest song
  48. Man Spots 75 Year Old on His Roof, Gets 40 Men to Do Something That'll Touch You
  49. Daily blessing: Inner beauty
  50. Daily blessing: Peace renew you
  51. Daily blessing: Fill your heart
  52. What A-lister just declared "I'm a Christian"?
  53. Daily blessing: Glory of God's kingdom
  54. Hundreds of neighbors come together to help farmer with terminal cancer
  55. Kids Across America Are Posing with Their Bibles Today. Here's Why
  56. Churches in South Carolina take the Golden Rule to a whole new level
  57. Daily blessing: Hidden hurts
  58. Pastor wades into floodwaters to do something amazing for a grieving family
  59. Daily blessing: Unexpected beauty
  60. I Lost My Daughter, But I Found God
  61. Photo of Fallen Police Officer Will Make You Believe in Angels
  62. She Had No Idea She Was a Grandma Until Her Daughter Gave Her the Shock of Her Life
  63. This teacher does something amazing for his students every day after school
  64. Daily blessing: Wake up to your own radiance
  65. Man Accidentally Logs Into Facebook Account of Woman He Never Met, Then Something Magical Happens
  66. This Man Went to Incredible Lengths to Adopt a Puppy He Found Online
  67. Miracle Baby Jaxon learns to walk and talk!
  68. A Blind Deer Couldn't Find Food, But What It Did Find Solved All Its Problems
  69. Daily blessing: Peace amidst pressure
  70. Daily blessing: Eyes of your heart
  71. Daily blessing: Near to Jesus
  72. After 17 Years of Trying, Man Absolutely Loses It When He Learns His Wife Is Pregnant
  73. "How I know God is real: Love never dies"
  74. Daily blessing: Spa for your spirit
  75. While grieving their son, parents receive an amazing sign from above
  76. Jason Crabb shares how he learned to trust God's timing
  77. Daily blessing: Washed clean