Simple Grace - Sitemap - 2015 - November - Page 1

Sitemap 2015 November - Page 1

  1. The 7 Most Inspiring Things Joey Feek Has Said Since Refusing Treatment for Cancer
  2. Author Patricia Davids shares the surprising Christmas characters that inspire her
  3. Struggling Single Mom Delivered Pizza to a Church. What Happened Next Had Her Breaking Down in Gratitude.
  4. She Prayed Her Baby Wouldn't Have Down Syndrome, But God Not Answering This Mom's Prayer Restored Her Faith
  5. The Simple Bench These Students Created for Painfully Shy Children Will Make Your Heart Swell
  6. Little Kid Mistakes White-Bearded Man for Santa, Sweetest Conversation Ever Ensues
  7. Daily blessing: Blessings in your burdens
  8. Daily blessing: Grow toward good
  9. Daily blessing: Forgiving set you free
  10. Daily blessing: Filled with joy
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Daily blessing: Rich with love
  13. Warm their hearts with crumbly cranberry bliss bars!
  14. Make your own Advent wreath to rejoice in the coming of the Lord!
  15. “How I know God is real: Kindness can save the day”
  16. Desperate Homeless Veteran Begs Man for Spare Change, but Received 4 Shocking Things that Made Him Break Down in Tears of Gratitude
  17. After Working at a School Where Most Fathers Aren't Involved, Stranger Leaves Dad Absolutely Heartwarming Note
  18. Daily blessing: Perfectionism to playfulness
  19. Grieving Widower Came to Craigslist Looking for Marble, Left Saving Another Man from His Same Devastating Fate
  20. Teach little ones about God's love with this Grateful Gobbler!
  21. Pope kisses baby and two months later something amazing is happening to her brain
  22. Daily blessing: Arms of Jesus
  23. When She Sent a Text to Her Deceased Trooper Son's Phone Number, She Got a Sign He Was Still with Her
  24. Homeless Woman Boards Train Without Shoes, Sets Off Most Wonderful Chain of Events
  25. Author of “The Joy of Advent” shares the heartwarming way she honors her mother and grandmother during the holidays
  26. The Moving Way a Man Honored His Late Wife Had People on the Street in Tears
  27. Daily blessing: Cloaked in God's protection
  28. Daily blessing: Judgement into joy
  29. Daily blessing: Spirit sparkle
  30. He Thought His Wedding Ring Was Lost Forever, But Then a Real Angel Granted a Miracle
  31. The Reason These Jackets Are Zipped Up Around Poles Will Warm Your Heart on the Coldest Day
  32. These Christmas lights brighten the night in perfect time with a classic hymn
  33. "How I know God is real: Beauty can come out of ashes"
  34. Veterans Who Got Good Luck Hugs As They Left for War Now Pay That Kindness Forward
  35. Daily blessing: Immersed in the beauty
  36. This Man Put the Most Heartwarming Christmas-Inspired Spin on Black Friday
  37. He Thought He was Getting a Birthday Gift from His Daughter, But the Real Surprise Had Him Thanking God
  38. Photographer's Reflected Landscape Pictures Show God's Beauty Two Times Over
  39. Author Kevin West describes his signature “flash prayer”
  40. Traveler does something incredible for 400 U.S. soldiers at airport
  41. Daily blessing: Loving heart
  42. Mother's Touching Letter to Her Developmentally Delayed Daughter Shows How God Changed Both of Their Lives
  43. The Nontraditional Way This Special Ed Teacher Starts Each Morning Deserves a Round of Applause
  44. This performance of "Great is Thy Faithfulness" will have you reaching for the tissues
  45. Daily blessing: Stress into serenity
  46. God Comes Through with Glorious Storm in Region That Truly Needed It
  47. After Waiting 10 Years for a Miracle, This Couple Meets Their Newborn Baby in the Most Heartwarming Way
  48. You won’t believe how Kassandra McGhee prays each day—wow!
  49. What This Husband Says About His Sleeping Wife Is a Powerful Tribute to Unsung Heroes Everywhere
  50. Daily blessing: Near the brokenhearted
  51. Sick Person Gets Help from Three Anonymous Men, Thanks Them in Simple, Moving Way
  52. Elderly couple's small act of kindness goes viral!
  53. Daily blessing: Humble heart
  54. Daily blessing: Agree to disagree
  55. Daily blessing: Strongly rooted
  56. Chris Tomlin shares his biggest heartache: “God, what's wrong with me?”
  57. Incredible Video Appears to Show the Earth 'Breathing'
  58. Mom Singing His Praises to Newborn Baby After Trying For 17 Years Will Melt Your Heart
  59. Jennifer Garner stars in new movie about real girl who claims to have visited heaven
  60. Daily blessing: Holy Spirit wisdom
  61. Daily blessing: Because of the brave
  62. Struggling single dad receives act of kindness that changes his life forever
  63. Daily blessing: Son rise in your heart
  64. Author of “Jesus Calling” describes the special ways God speaks to her
  65. Stranger's response to family praying at restaurant will blow you away
  66. Daily blessing: Guide your heart home
  67. Little girl uses her own money to feed a stranger
  68. Daily blessing: Invincible
  69. Single mom uses church offering in the BEST way!
  70. Daily blessing: Remake
  71. Daily blessing: Lighten your load
  72. Daily blessing: Jesus completely loves
  73. "How I know God is real: Love never dies"
  74. The afternoon activity these teens signed up for will shock you—in a good way!
  75. Daily blessing: God's Kingdom
  76. Top Country Music stars share their Christmas traditions and love for God in new book
  77. Mom includes son who died of cancer in wedding photos in the most amazing way
  78. Daily blessing: SPIRIT
  79. This 97-year-old's sweet reaction to receiving her high school diploma will warm your heart
  80. Daily blessing: Power of love
  81. While Grieving Beloved Little Girl, Family Gets Powerful Message from Beyond
  82. The Important Thing This Restaurant Just Took Off the Menu Will Fill Your Heart with Joy
  83. Daily blessing: Joy in the unexpected
  84. You won't believe the state this stolen Jesus statue was found in
  85. Little Boy Falls from Second Story, and Jesus Literally Saves Him
  86. Daily blessing: Love bridge
  87. Daily blessing: Role in God's Plan