Simple Grace - Sitemap - 2015 - December - Page 1

Sitemap 2015 December - Page 1

  1. Mom Battling ALS Dances with Son at His Wedding in the Most Unexpected and Touching Way
  2. Photographer Shoots Snowflake Closeups, Captures the Intricacies of God's Winter
  3. Daily blessing: Problems into possibilities
  4. Artist Betsy Karounos reveals her secrets to a joyful spirit
  5. “How I know God is real: We always receive what we most need”
  6. The little miracles that brighten author Jim Kraus’s day
  7. Singer Alaché shares her divine secret to overcoming stress
  8. Disabled Man Was Struggling on Flight, But What This Attendant Did With His Food Made Him Cry Tears of Gratitude
  9. Little Girl Didn't Want Christmas Presents, But When You See Who She Gave Gifts to, You’ll Know Jesus Was Her Inspiration
  10. Daily blessing: Hurt into hugs
  11. There's a Light Shining Through the Window of an Abandoned Hospital for the Most Beautiful Reason
  12. Chick-Fil-A is NEVER Open on Sundays, But When You Find Out Why These Locations Were, You'll Be SO Moved
  13. Daily blessing: Holy Spirit be your compass
  14. Doctors Couldn't Get a Sick 4-Year-Old's Heart to Beat Again, But Then a Pre-Christmas Mass Changed Everything
  15. Daily blessing: Conflict into counsel
  16. Daily blessing: Prayer in your heart
  17. Justin Bieber Just Couldn't Wait Another Moment to Get Baptized, So He Did It in the Most Unexpected Place
  18. Hot Tea Thrown in Below Freezing Temperature Shows God's Majestic Power
  19. Hospital Santa Facing Amputation Receives the BEST Christmas Gift, and is Putting it to Amazing Use
  20. Something SHOCKING Happened During This Boy's Baptism, and It's All Because the Pastor Made a Joke Moments Before
  21. When School Wouldn't Allow Kids to Pray, the Parents Stepped in to Do Something Amazing
  22. Daily blessing: Disappointment into delight
  23. They Look Like an Ordinary Couple, But the Way the Formerly Homeless Groom Met His Bride Will Give You Chills
  24. After City Officials Took Homeless Man's Christmas Tree, Community Did Something Shocking
  25. Daily blessing: Strongest protection
  26. Daily blessing: God's light shine through you
  27. Author Vicki Courtney shares how she survives God’s “waiting room”
  28. “How I know God is real: Love never dies”
  29. Singer Jonny Diaz shares the surprising way he dispels doubt
  30. Country artist Amber Nelon Thompson shares her secret to silencing Satan
  31. “God healed my grief through the most unexpected messenger!”
  32. Homeless Children's Shelter Staff Checks Nativity, Finds a True Christmas Miracle
  33. Goats singing Christmas carols is the best thing you'll hear all day
  34. Pope Francis Gives RARE Honor to Mother Teresa After Making Startling Discovery
  35. Daily blessing: Bring you harmony
  36. 10 Beautiful Nativity Scenes
  37. The Reason Why This Bride's Daughter is Photoshopped Into Wedding Photos Will Touch Your Soul
  38. This Stray Dog Picked the Absolutely Perfect Spot to Take Shelter from the Christmastime Cold
  39. Denise Jackson shares how she found hope during her battle with cancer
  40. The Message This McDonald's Spray-painted on Its Windows Is Shocking Christians for the Best Reason
  41. Daily blessing: Overcome any challenge
  42. The Reason This Super Mom Has Suddenly Adopted Four Daughters Will Touch Your Soul
  43. Miracle Baby Born With Half a Head Sends an Amazing Christmas Message to the World
  44. Instead of Getting on Santa's Lap, Little Boy Does Something Else for an Important Reason
  45. Daily blessing: Cruelty into compassion
  46. These Photos of God's Incredible Sea World in Albanian Caves Will Astound You
  47. Bus Driver Donates to a Homeless Man, Passenger Returns the Good Deed in the BEST Way
  48. Bishop T.D. Jakes shares the unusual ways God reveals his destiny
  49. Daily blessing: Enveloped in peace
  50. After losing her son at Sandy Hook, one mother shares all: “God gave me the strength to forgive”
  51. Distraught Woman Thought She Wouldn't See Sick Mom, But Stranger's Prayers and Airline's Good Deed Saved the Day
  52. After Terrible Car Crash, Driver Appears to be Doomed, Until a Guardian Angel Appears to Change EVERYTHING
  53. One woman's selfless act inspired 250 cars in a McDonald's drive thru to pay it forward
  54. Daily blessing: Fear into freedom
  55. Daily blessing: Guided by the Holy Spirit
  56. Daily blessing: Regift God's joy
  57. 10 DIY Nativity Scenes to Inspire You to Create Your Own
  58. Christian Star Sings Stirring a Cappella Ode to Mary...with 5 Versions of Himself
  59. Famous Basketball Player Makes Stunning Admission While Schooling Reporters on the Glory of Jesus
  60. These Wrapped Presents Had Documents Inside, But Here's Why These Kids Thought They Were the Best Gifts EVER
  61. Daily blessing: Strengthen your bonds
  62. 15 Simple But Meaningful Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas
  63. Diners Refused to Give Leftovers to Homeless Woman. Watch What Happens When She Finally Asks a Kind-Hearted Stranger.
  64. This 93-Year-Old Former Jazz Musician and Dementia Sufferer Got More Than He Bargained For After Asking For Musicians to Play With
  65. This video of shelter pets working in Santa's workshop is the best thing you'll see all day
  66. Daily blessing: Power in the truth
  67. The 10 Best Christmas Movies About Jesus to Get You in the Spirit
  68. A Fraternity Used the Top of Their House to Do Something EXTRAORDINARY for a Young Hospital Patient Living Next Door
  69. These Amazing Starry Sky Photos Show God's Power Reaches Far Beyond Earth
  70. He told them to stop singing, and what happened next will amaze you
  71. Daily blessing: Demand into delights
  72. The 20 Best Christmas Songs About Jesus to Get You in the Spirit
  73. The "DNA of Christ" inspires man to do something amazing when he sees car burning
  74. Daily blessing: Radiant glory of God
  75. It Was Just An Ordinary Lake, Until God Added Powerful Winds That Made It Seem Alive
  76. What This Woman Did with an Old Coke Bottle Crate Is the Best DIY Advent Calendar Idea We've Ever Seen!
  77. Grieving mother receives proof that Christmas miracles do happen
  78. It Had Merely Been a Large Rock Formation for Centuries. Then God Did Something That Totally Transformed It for a Day
  79. Pearl Harbor Remembrance
  80. Daily blessing: The road toward love
  81. Daily blessing: Someone you're missing
  82. Daily blessing: Guide you to truth
  83. "How I know God is real: He works through unlikely people"
  84. One of These Medical Pros Almost Didn't Make It, But It's What the Other Did to Save Him That Makes This Photo So Heartwarming
  85. She arrived to find her home surrounded by strangers, what they did will renew your faith in Christmas
  86. Daily blessing: Moments of pure love
  87. Sick Little Girl Gets Second Chance at Life, Mother Gets Message That Changes Hers
  88. He Nearly Died of Leukemia in This Room 20 Years Ago. Now He's in the Same Room Again for the Most Amazing Reason.
  89. Daily blessing: Refresh your spirit
  90. This Messy Birthday Cake Writing Is the Most-Talked About Thing on the Internet for the Most Uplifting Reason
  91. From food scraps to philanthropists: you won't believe how much money this couple just gave away!
  92. Daily blessing: Joyous love of Jesus
  93. He Helped a Harried Mom Pay for Her Groceries. When She Tracked Him Down to Thank Him, She Got News That Changed Her Life
  94. Distraught New Parents Learned Baby Daughter Had a Tumor. What Happened Next Had Them Calling Her a 'Miracle'
  95. 101-year-old woman stops car in the middle of the snow for the most amazing reason
  96. Daily blessing: Multiply the joy