Simple Grace - Sitemap - 2015 - May - Page 1

Sitemap 2015 May - Page 1

  1. Daily blessing: Golden light
  2. Daily blessing: Worries to wonder
  3. Her student was being bullied—you'll never guess what this teacher did to stop it!
  4. Need a smile today? Check out this doctor's dedicated spirit!
  5. The powerful display of love in this wedding dance moved us to tears
  6. Daily Blessing: Never thirst again
  7. Need a pick-me-up? Watch what this 6-year-old can do!
  8. Bible found in tornado victims' home sends a message of love and comfort
  9. Daily blessing: God's sunshine
  10. Need a feel-good boost today? Watch this 5-year-old's touching gesture
  11. Daily blessing: Unique light
  12. Daily blessing: Memorial Day
  13. Daily blessing: Wind in sails
  14. Daily blessing: Abide in love
  15. This real-life Captain America's heroic act had us cheering
  16. His cry for help was answered in a BIG way
  17. This ballerina's return to the stage moved us to tears!
  18. Daily blessing: Spirit gives life
  19. Unexpected kindness made this teen's day...and ours!
  20. Must-see movie: Where Hope Grows
  21. Daily blessing: Overflowing cup
  22. This Marine's sweet surprise brought us tears of joy!
  23. Daily blessing: Peace beyond pettiness
  24. Need a smile today? Watch this incredible act of kindness!
  25. Daily blessing: Feel God's love
  26. Two kids gave their bully a Bible—you won't believe what happened next!
  27. Daily blessing: God's love is unbound
  28. Daily blessing: Blessed are the pure of heart
  29. Daily blessing: Beauty of diversity
  30. Need a little hope? Watch this!
  31. Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a musical hug
  32. See how God put this woman in the right place at the right time
  33. Daily blessing: Spirit transforms weakness
  34. Need a hug today? Check out this restaurateur’s beautiful spirit!
  35. Daily blessing: Gathering love
  36. The surprise ending to this news segment made our hearts sing
  37. Daily blessing: Food that endures
  38. When you’re feeling down, look up!
  39. Daily blessing: Beauty of a pure heart
  40. Need a smile today? Watch this sweet act of kindness!
  41. Daily blessing: Find pure peace
  42. Daily blessing: Mother's Day
  43. Daily blessing: Spirit of change
  44. The moment he hears the good news had us reaching for tissues
  45. This beautiful surprise left us smiling all day
  46. Need encouragement today? Check this out!
  47. Daily blessing: Joy in you
  48. Seeing this veteran read a lost love letter will tug at your heartstrings
  49. Daily blessing: Freedom in truth
  50. Do you believe in angels? Watch this!
  51. This soulful version of Amazing Grace blew our socks off!
  52. Daily blessing: A new kind of love
  53. This loyal dog attends mass every day, the reason why will move you to tears
  54. This beautiful offering lifted our spirits
  55. Daily blessing: Transform your worries
  56. A 10-year-old boy escapes his kidnapper by singing THIS gospel song
  57. Daily blessing: The fruits of goodness
  58. Daily blessing: Delighting in God
  59. This man's passion for feeding the homeless touched our hearts
  60. This NFL star gave up football for this amazing calling…wow!
  61. Daily blessing: An abundance of love
  62. Need a smile today? Watch this!
  63. Watch a rescue so amazing, it had to be divine intervention
  64. How this woman reacts to a masked gunman gave us chills
  65. Happy Devotional Day!