Simple Grace - Sitemap - 2016 - January - Page 1

Sitemap 2016 January - Page 1

  1. Daily blessing: Clarity in times of change
  2. Daily blessing: Giving to others
  3. She Doesn't Know His Name, But She Calls Him Her Angel for the Most Amazing Reason
  4. Author of “Bringing Lent Home with Pope Francis” shares her secret for discovering everyday miracles
  5. When a Stranger Offered to Buy Her Gas, She Ended Up Weeping in Gratitude for the Most Touching Reason
  6. Wrestler with Down Syndrome Went Up Against an Undefeated Opponent. What His Rival Did Will Touch Your Soul
  7. Daily blessing: Filled with only love
  8. The 10 Craziest Sights Ever Formed in the Sky
  9. After Devastating Car Crash, Mom Saves Daughter's Life By Doing Something So Simple
  10. Daily blessing: God set you free
  11. Singer Tiff Joy’s surprising way to defeat the darkness
  12. When Her Parents Skipped Praying One Night, This 2 Year Old Made Up for It in a BIG Way
  13. Daily blessing: True beauty
  14. He Was Legally Dead For 17 Minutes, Until the Most Unlikely Hero Saved His Life
  15. Autistic Boy Slammed into Glass at Apple Store. What a Kind-hearted Worker Did Next Had the Child's Mother Overflowing with Gratitude
  16. Asked Why God Created Grandmothers, Little Southern Boy Gives the PERFECT Response That'll Make Any Meemaw Swoon
  17. Daily blessing: Jesus fill your heart
  18. They Thought This Young Man Froze to Death in a Blizzard. But Watch What Happens After His Sister Gives Him a Goodbye Kiss
  19. They Opened Their Doors to a Homeless Man in Need, But They Never Could've Predicted the Unbelievable Way He'd Repay Them
  20. Daily blessing: Childlike humility
  21. Daily blessing: Spirit reflect God's peace
  22. Daily blessing: Crown of compassion
  23. Adorable Chihuahua in Shelter Caught on Camera Asking for a Forever Home in the SWEETEST Way
  24. Daily blessing: Grudges into gratitude
  25. Homeless Woman Goes into Labor by the Vatican. What Happens Next Is TRULY a Miracle
  26. Family Driving to Pawn Shop to Sell Items to Survive Runs Out of Gas
  27. When Elderly Bus Passenger Almost Tripped, Driver Did the Kindest Thing For Her
  28. After This Teen's Wrestling Opponent Died With a Perfect Record, He Did Something Unusual the Day of Their Scheduled Match
  29. Daily blessing: Holy Spirit renovate your heart
  30. They Were in a Sinking Car and Thought the End Was Near Until the Most Unlikely Rescuer Emerged
  31. Singer Christine D’Clario shares an easy way for you to make time for God
  32. Daily blessing: God's love life you above
  33. Woman Took Photo of Sunrise, But Hours Later When She Looked at the Picture, She Saw Something Incredible on the Horizon
  34. When School Bus Full Of Kids Was Heading For a Ditch, This Boy Saved Them in the Most Amazing Way
  35. Blinded at the top of Mt. Everest, Brian Dickinson share’s his story of faith and survival
  36. Daily blessing: See with the eyes of your heart
  37. Daily blessing: Jesus fill your heart with peace
  38. Daily blessing: God's light shine through you
  39. Daily blessing: Your best life
  40. She Was Annoyed the Line Was Taking So Long. But When She Saw Why, She'd Never Forget the Important Lesson
  41. Daily blessing: Love fuel your actions
  42. She Bought a Homeless Man Coffee. Then He Confessed Something That Changed Both Their Lives Forever
  43. Instead of Saving Money on Her Own Groceries, Genius College Student Uses Extreme Couponing for Most Selfless Reason
  44. Author Dorothy J. Newton’s recipe for meaningful prayer
  45. Daily blessing: Mistakes into miracles
  46. This Adorable Glasses-Wearing Girl Got 4 Million People To Stand Behind Her. The Reason Why Will Give You Hope For Humanity
  47. When She Returned Her Coat, She Never Expected this Selfless Response From Customer Service
  48. Daily blessing: Holy Spirit bring fresh hope
  49. The Reason Why This Cleaning Company Is Giving Away Their Services Will Warm Your Heart
  50. Kristin Chenoweth shares how God gave purpose from her pain
  51. Daily blessing: God’s light dissolve guilt
  52. Cop Pulls Over Speeding Driver With Dying Daughter, Gives Him Something More Powerful Than a Ticket
  53. After Spotting a Shirtless, Shivering Man on the Train, a Fellow Rider Sacrificed Something So Shocking for Him
  54. Daily blessing: Be your rock
  55. Daily blessing: Concern into understanding
  56. Daily blessing: Pure heart bring you closer to Jesus
  57. How does author Cheri Fuller defeat exhaustion? The answer may surprise you!
  58. Daily blessing: See only with your heart
  59. The Reason This 12-Year-Old Girl Went Door-to-Door with a Little Red Wagon Will Touch Your Soul
  60. Daily blessing: Endless love
  61. A Caring Bus Driver Noticed Something Off About a Regular Special Needs Passenger. Then, She Went Above and Beyond to Help Her
  62. When Both Her Autistic Children Started Acting Up in the Doctor's Office, a Kind Stranger Did Something So Life-Changing
  63. Canton Junction’s newest members say financial struggles strengthened their relationship with God
  64. Daily blessing: True purpose
  65. Toddler with Cerebral Palsy Can't Walk, But She Can Do Something AMAZING that a Lot of Other Kids Can't
  66. Honest Busboy in Need Returned $3,000 in Lost Cash. Now, Kind Strangers are Rewarding Him in an AMAZING Way
  67. Photographer Turns Water Into Art, Showing the Creative Power of God's Precious Creation
  68. Daily blessing: Loving warrior
  69. The Reason Why These Are Called 'Kindness Drawers' Will Warm Your Heart On a Cold Day
  70. Adorable 3-Legged Kitten Gets Adopted, but It's the New Owner That Will Make Your Heart Swell
  71. Daily blessing: Dissolve your worries
  72. Daily blessing: God's loving light
  73. Daily blessing: Conquer any craving
  74. Happy New Year!
  75. Daily blessing: Joy, wisdom and love