Simple Grace - Sitemap - 2016 - February - Page 1

Sitemap 2016 February - Page 1

  1. Mom Was Declared Dead With Baby Still Inside Her. But When Doctors Brought Photo of Newborn, Something Extraordinary Happened
  2. Her Son Needed a Ventilator to Breathe. When the Power Went Out, a Stranger Did the Most Incredible Thing
  3. Deadly Tornado Destroys Town. But Three Things Left Standing Will Take Your Breath Away
  4. Daily blessing: Leap of love
  5. Daily blessing: Share the song
  6. Daily blessing: Heart burn with love
  7. This Young Man Has the Absolute Dreamiest Way of Asking This Girl to Prom, But It's HER Response That'll Touch Your Heart
  8. Musician Jordan Feliz describes the road trip that strengthened his faith
  9. Daily blessing: Feel forever young
  10. After a Devastating Crash, a Quick-Thinking School Bus Driver Did Something Extreme with the 15 Children Onboard
  11. When Waitress Learns About Death in Regular Customers' Family, She Does Something That Leaves Them Crying Tears of Joy
  12. Daily blessing: Free from stress
  13. After Losing Her Husband and Getting Diagnosed with Cancer in a Single Week, 90 Year Old's Next Move Is Nothing Short of Breathtaking
  14. Daily blessing: Beauty all around you
  15. When She Lost the Necklace Her Cancer-Ridden Husband Had Given Her, Two Strangers Did Something Truly Shocking
  16. Sarah Jakes on real talk with God
  17. Daily blessing: Fearless
  18. Doctors Told This Mom Her Son Wouldn't Survive 48 Hours After Being Born, Today He's Amazing Everyone
  19. Daily blessing: Lose yourself in God's love
  20. Daily blessing: God's presence shine through you
  21. Daily blessing: Refresh and brighten
  22. A Blind Grandmother Was Home Alone with Her 5-Year-Old Granddaughter When the House Caught Fire. What Happened Next Is Truly Shocking
  23. Children with Cancer Had Gathered for an Emotional Church Service When the Most Unexpected Visitor Wandered in and Brought Back Joy
  24. Daily blessing: Love yourself
  25. Brother Worked Hard to Get a Hamster Like His Sister. But She Had Another Plan That Left Him Breaking Down in Joy
  26. Her Twin Brother Wasn't Growing Fast Enough in the Womb. All Hope Was Lost Until the Parents Saw This on The Sonogram
  27. “How I know God is real: Love never dies”
  28. Daily blessing: Bitterness into bliss
  29. This Single Mom Was Ecstatic to Win $200, But Then She Met a Stranger Who Changed Her Mind About Keeping the Money
  30. This Man Entered a Cage with a Scared Dog, and the Whole Internet Is Talking About What Happened Next
  31. Daily blessing: Giving from the heart
  32. After Mom and Baby Get In Horrible Car Accident, They Are Saved For an Incredible Reason
  33. After Store Was Burglarized, the Most Unlikely Duo Saved the Day
  34. Singer Ricardo Sanchez shares how almost losing his son brought him closer to God
  35. Daily blessing: Walk with God
  36. Daily blessing: Discover the fruits of the Spirit
  37. Daily blessing: More loved than ever before
  38. Daily blessing: Wounds into wisdom
  39. They Thought This Little Boy Was Dead, But Right Before He Was About to be Cremated, Something Miraculous Happened
  40. A Blind Little Girl Wanted to Hand Out Valentines to Her Classmates and Came Up with a Genius Way to Send Her Loving Message
  41. Her Baby Brother Stopped Breathing. Her Parents Don't Speak English. So She Took Charge in a Way Most 8 Year Olds Couldn't
  42. Daily blessing: Kaleidoscope of God's joy
  43. Homeless Man Reunited With His Family He Hasn't Seen in 40 Years For An Amazing Reason
  44. “Through blindness, God taught me to see”
  45. After Buying Cookies, Stranger Gives Girl Scout an Envelope. When Her Mom Saw What Was Inside, She Burst into Tears of Joy
  46. Daily blessing: Past pettiness to peace
  47. Woman Who Had Just Lost Beloved Father Gets Pulled Over for Speeding, Then Gets Life-Changing Blessing
  48. After Autistic Girl Refuses to Eat Cheeseburger She Believes Is 'Broken,' Waitress Goes Above and Beyond to Fix It
  49. Daily blessing: Your most precious treasure
  50. Massachusetts Cop Goes Above and Beyond to Perform a Good Deed for a Homeless Woman in Need
  51. Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin shares his secret to staying humble
  52. Justin Bieber Shares That Jesus Is Now A Part of His Saturday in The Best Way
  53. This Lawyer Was Going To Buy a Boat For Himself, But Then He Bought Something Life-Changing For 26 Kids Instead
  54. Daily blessing: God's love warm your heart
  55. Mom Sends Deaf Child to School Where All Other Students Can Hear. Then the Most Unexpected Thing Happened
  56. A Shelter Kitten Was Calling to This Man to Be Adopted. Just a Couple Days Later, Kitten Saves New Owner from Certain Death
  57. Daily blessing: Turn toward the Son
  58. Daily blessing: Free your heart
  59. Daily blessing: Replenish your spirit
  60. Distressed Man Was Scaring Everyone on the Train, Until an Elderly Woman Did the Simplest, Kindest Thing
  61. Author Vicki Kuyper shares how she leaned on God when her son threatened to take his life
  62. Daily blessing: All you have to offer
  63. A Group Complained About 'God Bless America' Sign, But the Community's Response Proves Their Hearts Will NEVER Change
  64. Daily blessing: Holy Spirit dissolve fear
  65. Devastating Car Crash Kills Young Mother, Cop Says Angels Are the Only Explanation for What Happened Next
  66. Author Deborah Smith Pegues explains how physics revolutionized her faith
  67. Homeless Man Walks Into a Chick-Fil-A With a Simple Question--and What the Manager Did for Him Will Make You Smile
  68. She Prayed For 60 Months With Her Husband. Then She Said One Thing That Had Him Breaking Down in Joy
  69. Daily blessing: Loneliness to love
  70. He Fixes Cars for Widows and Single Moms Out of the Goodness of His Heart. But Watch What Happens When His Kindness Is Returned
  71. A Soldier Noticed Something Unusual About Two Boys Selling Desserts in a Taco Bell. What He Did Next Will Warm Your Heart
  72. Too Sick to Go Outside, Kids in the Hospital Get to Play in the Snow Thanks to Genius Nurse
  73. Author Mike Slaughter shares how finding a “God theme” can radically change your day
  74. Daily blessing: Your truest path
  75. Daily blessing: Happy and free