Simple Grace - Sitemap - 2016 - April - Page 1

Sitemap 2016 April - Page 1

  1. This man's accident turned out to be a HUGE blessing!
  2. Daily blessing: Highest calling
  3. A Stranger Watched Her Kids on the Beach, and Said Something That Totally Changed Her Parenting
  4. Daily blessing: Pride into peace
  5. Young Mom with Cancer Broke Down By a Store When She Couldn't Afford Groceries. Then, a Cop Approached Her
  6. 89-Year-Old Alzheimer's Patient Can't Remember Much Anymore, But When It Comes to This One Moving Thing, His Memory Is Crystal-Clear
  7. Daily blessing: Beautiful child
  8. Her Dad Wasn't Supposed to Drive Her Home. But When They Came Across This Frightening Thing in a Ditch, She Was Happy He Did
  9. Daily blessing: Light the way
  10. He Flipped Over a Bench in His Home and Discovered a Note to His Mom He Was Never Meant to See
  11. Cop Was Ready to Give Woman a Speeding Ticket, But When She Told Him Where She Was Taking Her Mother, He Gave Them Something Else Entirely
  12. Daily blessing: Antidote to anxiety
  13. Little Girl Was Terrified When Her Mom Got Stopped By a Cop. Then, Another Officer Did Something That Changed Everything
  14. Daily blessing: Whisk away your worries
  15. Daily blessing: Envy into embrace
  16. Daily blessing: Brand new in Jesus
  17. Author Cheryl Martin on the prayer that got her through a painful divorce
  18. Restaurant Server Leaves Surprising Bill for Firefighters. But Then They Tracked Her Down on Facebook and Did Something Jaw-Dropping
  19. “God’s love enabled me to forgive my sexual abusers”
  20. Daily blessing: Right in God
  21. A Stranger Was Watching Her Autistic Son. When He Started Hitting Himself and Punching Her, She Never Expected THIS Reaction
  22. Little Girl Survived After Almost Drowning, But She's Different Now In a Way That Will Astound You
  23. Daily blessing: Shine in God
  24. A Year After His Dad’s Death, Man Loses His Cremated Ashes During an Apartment Robbery. Eight Months Later a Complete Stranger Does Something Truly Shocking
  25. She Survived a Life-Threatening Stroke. But It's What Saved Her That Will Shake You to Your Core
  26. Siblings Were Separated 74 Years Ago After a Fire. But Then, the Brother Did Something Breathtaking
  27. Devastating Car Crash Leaves Boy Motionless on the Ground Outside Pastor's Home. Then His Wife Said One Word That Changed Everything
  28. All the dishes in this ham dinner have 5 ingredients or less!
  29. Author Rachelle Dekker on the key to just letting go
  30. Daily blessing: Every precious moment
  31. Daily blessing: Speak the truth
  32. Baby Almost Died Three Times After Being Born with Intestines Outside His Body. But Wait Till You See Him 3 Years Later
  33. Her Single Co-Worker Got Flowers Every Holiday, But When She Found Out What Had Happened to the Husband, She Got the Shock of Her Life
  34. Daily blessing: Overflow in your heart
  35. Daily blessing: Beauty in imperfections
  36. Daily blessing: Built in love
  37. Boy with Brain Disorder Sends Mom's Cancer-Stricken Co-Worker a Get-Well Card. But It's What She Sends Back That Stunned the Family
  38. Diagnosed with Aggressive Cancer, This Pastor Was Told He Had Months to Live. But Then He Found a Bracelet That Changed Everything
  39. Devastating Car Accident Erases Bride's Memories of Her Recent Wedding. Then the Groom Did Something Jaw-Dropping on Their First Anniversary
  40. Daily blessing: Lift you higher
  41. It Looks Like She's Knitting a Blanket, But the Genius, Life-Changing Thing It Really Is Has People Amazed
  42. Moments After Street Thugs Threatened to Stab Young Man They Were Following, Swerving Driver Appears with Life-Altering Demand
  43. Herb-kissed lemon pound cake—delicious!
  44. John Eldredge shares his simple secret to powerful prayer
  45. Daily blessing: Seeds of God's love
  46. Melissa Joan Hart reveals what transformed her prayer life
  47. People Thought They Were Recording a Beautiful Sunset. But They Were SHOCKED When They Watched the Video Afterward
  48. Daily blessing: Stubbornness to surrender
  49. Daily blessing: Walk with Jesus
  50. Waitress Gets Skimpy Tip Despite Perfect Service. But It's What Showed Up Later by Mail That Has Everyone Talking
  51. Daily blessing: Wings of joy
  52. Daily blessing: Radiate God's joy
  53. Daily blessing: Cultivate your garden
  54. Doctors Told Them Not to Bother, But Couple Kept Trying to Get Pregnant for 20 Years, Until Stomach Cancer-Like Symptoms Stopped Everything
  55. Out to Eat with Three Young Kids, Struggling Dad Gets an Earful from Another Diner Who'd Just Lost Her Siblings
  56. Nearly Blind Baby Sees Mom for the First Time, and His Heart-Melting Reaction Makes Film Producer Dad Almost Drop Camera
  57. Daily blessing: Inside and out
  58. While Renovating Her Home, She Found a Mysterious Message Written on the Wall. And What It Revealed Had a Whole Community Talking
  59. Mom Posts Publicly About Her Son's Birthday Party. Then, the Cops Showed Up at Her Door
  60. Daily blessing: Open heart
  61. Sister Posts on Facebook That Her Younger Brother Is Her Hero. When You Find Out What He Did for an Elderly Man in a Wheelchair, He'll Become Yours Too!
  62. A Woman Was Driving to Work When She Spotted an Elderly Lady Walking Along the Road. What Happened Next Will Touch Your Heart
  63. 99 Percent of Babies With Her Condition Die Before Age 1. But Thanks to a Kind Caretaker, See What She Looks Like 2 Years Later
  64. "How I know God is real: No need is too small"
  65. Daily blessing: Nourish your spirit
  66. 8 Year Old Loses All of Her Beloved Books in Devastating House Fire. Then Her Favorite Children's Author Found Out and Did Something Breathtaking
  67. Homeless Couple Lived Together for 22 Years, But Things Took an Unexpected Turn When a Cop Found Them
  68. Daily blessing: Fill you up
  69. Family Pays Cops' Meal at Kansas City Eatery, But It's What Their Teenage Daughter Left Behind That the Officers Will Treasure Forever
  70. Daily blessing: Heart know harmony
  71. Daily blessing: Prayer from the heart
  72. Man Thought Trash Bags Near Church Were Filled with Donations, But Then He Discovered the Shocking Thing Behind Them
  73. This Toddler Was Starving on the Streets. But Wait Until You See Him Two Months After Being Rescued
  74. Daily blessing: Guide you to peace